[Field Story] God’s faithful worker, West Asia A-Window, C-People


Brother-A whose heart was open from our very first meeting is a special soul. He accepted the gospel right away after our little fellowship.

As God’s heart poured upon us, we followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit and shared about Jesus more deeply with Brother A on this first meeting.

That day happened to be his birthday, so we celebrated his birthday together. We became friends with Brother A and parted promising to meet again.

Ever since that day, we continued to meet up with Brother A and shared Jesus, and he even started to come to our worship services. By worhsipping and praying together, he was coming closer to Jesus day by day.

One day after the service, Brother A confessed, “I envy you. You seem like God’s chosen people. But I feel like I am not close to God. Since you are close to God, please pray for me.”

“Right before I met you in the park, I was listening to an anti-Christian lecture. The speaker was not a Muslim, not a Christian, he had no religion, and I became very confused after the lecture. I prayed wholeheartedly in the park, “God, I am so confused. Let me find the truth.” Within 5 minutes of the prayer, I met you,” he explained.

However, Brother A still could not let go of his Muslim religion and said he had both the Quran and the Bible.

There are many arguments and stories, but one day, by the Holy Spirit, Brother A confessed, “Jesus, I am a sinner. Please come into my heart. Jesus is alive. Only Jesus is the savior.” His prayer ended, but he could not stop crying.

We all prayed with Brother A in tears and finished the prayer with joy and thanksgiving of a sinner who came back to the Lord. After this prayer, he confessed, “My sin is too great. I am so thankful to Jesus who saved me. I do not want to live in sin anymore.”

Brother A committed to living life like Jesus who preached the gospel to those who do not know the truth.

Lord, one soul came to Your light from the sinful darkness. God has given revival to these people in this land and started the missions revival. Please pray that Brother A may become a disciple who will be part of missions revival.

The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. (Rom 13:12)

Praise the name of Jesus who is the only way of salvation for the C-People.

Dear Lord, thank you for leading brother A into the way of life and giving him the eternal hope in God’s kingdom. As Brother A confessed, brother A is no longer under the power of sin but under Your grace. Please let him live this victorious life.

Brother A is justified by Your grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Please bless him so that he may follow Jesus Chris to death grateful for Your grace every day!

Also, please let him be Your disciple who obeys the word and show Your righteousness to all! The night is far gone and the day is at hand. Let him cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. Please let him be a faithful servant who will prepare the way of the Lord in the nations!

Praise the Lord who will raise the C-people as the last weapon of the Lord’s kingdom and as the people to blow the holy trumpet in the nations, in the last days.

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