[Field Story] Caucasus-Window, N-Nation who fulfills God’s Will

Sister-B is a local Christian who loves the Lord very much.

Sister-B had been afraid of exposing herself as a Christian.

One day, Sister-B went to a local church and prayed with tears, “Please let me understand why I have to reveal myself as a Christian.”

As soon as she walked out of the building after her prayer,  she saw a man wearing a t-shirt with a large print of “I am a Muslim.”

She felt as if the lighting struck her head with the thought, “The man is boldly stating the false statement. I have no reason to hide the truth.”  At the very moment, her fear disappeared and the joy, peace, and courage filled her from deep within her.

Today, Sister B loves the Lord so much that she tears every time she hears about Jesus.  Sister B lives a life of a minister preaching Gospel to people around her.

Sister-B has so many testimonies.  Pray that Sister-B would love the Lord passionately and that her faith will mature with the word and Holy Spirit so that she can become a leader who will change Caucasus Window N-Nation.

We are opening Gospel festival once a month inviting all the souls who respond to the Gospel.

This is the time when the Lord has to move.  Please pray that the souls will open their heart to the true God.

Please pray that Caucasus-Window, N-Nation will change with the Gospel!

Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Matt 6:10)

Dear Lord, you always listen to our prayers.  Thank you for hearing our prayers for Sister B and answering them.

May Your kingdom come to each soul as  Sister B preaches the Gospel!

Dear God, you already have fulfilled your will for Sister B and Caucasus-Window, N-Nation.

Lord, please let Sister B and Caucasus Window N-Nation restore God’s image, and arise as the King’s army who will let Your kingdom come to all nations.

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